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Porcelain veneers are a milestone in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Following which, some of the enamel from your tooth will be removed and temporary veneers will be placed. Also, these veneers don’t get stained even if they are exposed to well known, tooth staining agents like coffee and cigarettes. So if you don’t like the veneer after it has been placed, you cannot choose to get them taken out. It is much easier to get these veneers as compared to tooth crowns. When porcelain veneers are applied to your teeth, the natural tooth enamel is removed in the process. First, you have to convey your expectations. They wear out or break with time according to your usage and habits.

These veneers can make yellow teeth white and can make crooked teeth straight. The veneers can correct teeth that are out of proportion or crooked, yellow teeth which are impossible to whiten or bleach, worn down teeth, too much appearance of gum when you smile, tetracycline stained teeth that has grey color spaces between teeth. The porcelain veneers generally last for a span of five to ten years. These veneers correct gaps and stains on teeth without the painful dental work surgery. They are very thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front teeth to either protect the teeth or to create a cosmetic improvement. But with good dental care, regular flossing, cleaning and checkups, these veneers can last up to as much as fifteen years.

Veneers should be replaced when they break or wear out, but cannot be removed without being replaced. Also, even though these dental porcelain veneers are termed to be permanent these veneers don’t last for a lifetime. This boosts the confidence of the patient and gives them a beautiful, natural smile. The porcelain veneers are made with a type of ceramic that appears a lot like the natural teeth. Also cosmetic packaging your teeth might become more sensitive to hot and cold because your natural tooth enamel is removed when veneers are applied.

Then when your permanent veneers are ready, the dentist will replace your temporary veneers with the permanent ones. The dentist will then place your order at a dental lab for the veneers. You may not be a suitable candidate for getting porcelain veneers, if you have thin tooth enamel or unhealthy, decayed or decaying teeth.Porcelain veneers, are also known as dental veneers or porcelain laminates.These cosmetic dentistry veneers, mimic the appearance of the natural tooth more closely than those in the past. Porcelain veneers have successfully corrected smiles by making teeth looking lighter and healthier. This makes the final result appear very natural.

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